NRF 2015: Das Ladengeschäft dominiert immer noch, aber die Einzelhändler müssen ihre Stärken noch besser ausspielen (SEHEN SIE SICH UNSERE NEUESTEN VIDEOS AN)

Von ShopperTrak on 26-01-15

The majority of consumers still want to shop in-store, but bringing digital into the bricks and mortar experience is now critical for retailers – that was the fundamental message at NRF’s Big Show 2015.

Blending shoppers’ love for technology with their desire to visit a store is not a new theme, but the difference at this year’s show was that many retailers are already blurring the online/offline boundaries.

In fact, just stepping outside NRF into Manhattan provided some innovative examples of digitally enhanced customer experiences; Rebecca Minkoff’s SoHo store has touchscreen mirrors that allow shoppers to scroll through a lookbook, while outfit recognition technology enables these mirrors to display suggested accessories whenever a customer tries something on.

Even at a less adventurous level, the number of retailers trying to integrate mobile within store shopping has increased significantly over the past 12 months.

If NRF 2015 made one thing clear, it’s that retail brands who are listening to how their customers want to shop are creating stronger, higher value relationships – and those who aren’t risk being left behind.

This is something that also came across in our conversations with retailers that visited the FootFall stand at NRF. Even in today’s information-rich environment, turning multiple data streams into an accurate picture of customer behaviour is something many retailers are struggling to get to grips with.

We’ve spent 20 years helping retailers understand their customers, and turn this knowledge into business insight through our Site Analytics solution. The explosion of digital technologies being used by shoppers in-store has enabled us to take these insights to even greater depths – have a look at our latest video to see how:

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